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Foliage First Range

Ozbreed have released a new Foliage First Range of landscape gardening plants.

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Landscape Gardening Plants in the UK

Landscape gardening plants like these have been available in the UK since the early 1970's, with many common forms of Lomandra and Dianella available from nurseries.

Now you can get much better looking improved varieties which are hardier and require less maintenance, making them the perfect solution for gardeners, landscapers, landscape architects and councils.

Visit the history page for more information on the history of these landscape gardening plants in the United Kingdom.

Overview - Grass-Like Plants

This website contains information and photos for many varieties of strappy leaf, grass-like landscape gardening plants which are available from many nurseries in the United Kingdom. Most of the plants in the range have extreme cold and drought tolerance. These features allow the plants to survive in a wide range of conditions and makes them perfect for Europes changing climate.

The climate in Europe is slowly becoming warmer and drier in many of the countries. To counter this many people are planting strappy leaf landscape gardening plants due to their low maintenance but high tolerance to hot dry climates, as well as cold wet UK winters.

All the landscape gardening plants on this website once established will survive of natural rainfall. Unlike true grasses, many of these grass-like strappy leaf landscape gardening plants rarely need trimming. Grasses need annual trimming.

Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

Foliage First Plants