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Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.

Breeze - Dianella Caerulea 'DCNC0' CPVR

Flowers Galore, Beautiful Foliage

'No Canes' is what makes Breeze so Good
Unlike the common variety of Dianella caerulea, Breeze has no messy straw brown canes that often fall over.

Dianella Caerulea is a fantastic plant for commercial and residential landscaping. The only problem is, as it gets older it becomes untidy.

Breeze solves this problem by providing a 'no cane' variety that does not have above ground canes.

Breeze is the tidy, tough, ground cover plant that is 40% larger than Little Jess. Breeze grows 70cm high with a spread of 65cm.

Frost & Cold Tolerant
Underground rhizomes allow it to survive in some colder regions, however it is a little slow to come out of winter dormancy in very cold regions. In cold areas Breeze will brown off, and it will often perenialise. Breeze is better suited to the South of England, in regions where winters are a little milder.

If you would like to try it in colder regions, we suggest planting it in a sheltered area. Breeze is more cold tolerant than Little Jess, so in some colder areas it has worked well.

Drought Tolerant
Dianella Caerulea is known as one of the most drought hardy plants available.

Low Maintenance
Trim approximatly once every 5 to 8 years.
(In colder areas yearly trimming may be required)

Make Landscaping a 'Breeze"
Breeze is the perfect plant for landscaping. Not only is it versatile and hardy, it will also produce a mass of flowers making any landscape attractive.

This image shows a mass planting of Breeze starting to produce its flower.

Breeze Flowers
A close up of the soft blue flower produced by Breeze.