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Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.

Cassa Blue - Dianella Caerulea 'DBB03' CPVR
Grant No. EU21358

Mass of Blue Flowers, No Canes

Tough & Brilliant Blue
A natural toughness make this an ideal plant for mass planting. Cassa Blue is slower growing, but once established is very tough.

In some ways Cassa Blue has the shape of a dwarf Phorium, but only far tougher. Its blue colour provides great contrast in any garden or landscape design.

Stunning Foliage
This tough, drought and frost tolerant Dianella caerulea's foliage grows to approximately 40cm tall with a spread of 40 cm.

Its mass of baby blue flowers grow to about 55cm in height. Its form is more of a clumping Dianella caerulea rather than spreading.

Its stunning blue foliage, and highly desirable size and shape, make it the ideal plant for commercial landscape, and home garden design.

Cassa Blue has beautiful foliage and great flowers.

Cassa Blue will look great in mass planting for landscapes and the garden.

It will provide great contrasting colours with its blue foliage.

Cassa Blue will add excitement and contrasting colours to a variety of landscapes, as these pictures demonstrate.

Prefers free draining soils or mounded (raised) sites if the soil is a clay type.

Cassa Blue has good cold tolerance, and it remains evergreen with a blue colour.

Once per year remove any older leaves. This can generally be done very quickly.