Foliage First Landscape Gardening Plants

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Dianella Baby Bliss Foliage First Landscape Gardening Plants Dianella Baby Bliss Flower
No Irrigation Gardening

The term *No Irrigation Gardening™ means that when planted in normal garden conditions, and once established, these plants generally require no irrigation for most populated areas of the United kingdom.

Water the plants well for the first 8 to 12 weeks until established. These plants are generally Australian natives, and are often used on roadside plantings where they perform and look great, with no irrigation and only natural rainfall.

In extra dry environments or in very sandy soils occasional top-up watering may be required in the warmer months. Increased irrigation frequency will not adversely affect these plants.

In severe droughts, occasional top-up watering will result in more beautiful plants.

In very extreme droughts, occasional watering may be required to keep some plants alive.


Stylidium Little Sapphire Foliage First Landscape Gardening Plants Stylidium Little Sapphire Flower
Lomandra Savanna Blue Landscape Gardening Plants Lomandra Savanna Blue Flower
Phormium Sweet Mist Landscape Gardening Plants Phormium Sweet Mist Flower
Stylidium Tiny Trina Landscape Gardening Plants Stylidium Tiny Trina Flower
Dianella Utopia Landscape Gardening Plants Dianella Utopia Flower