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Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

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The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.

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Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants

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History in the UK
In 2001 Ozbreed sent its first samples of these landscape gardening plants to the UK. Since then various growers across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain have been testing these plants.

Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants In 2003 we moved our testing north to places like Scotland. Binny Plants was very happy how the Lomandra Tanika; and the Dianella Tasred wintered in Scotland. Further testing in Scotland for other plants is currently underway.

Other testing facilities included Woodbridge Nursery, Oxfordshire; Howards Nursery, Norfolk; Kernock Park Plants, Cornwall; Model Nursery Liners, Ireland; and Brinkmans, Spain.

Ancestors of these landscape gardening plants have been thriving in many areas of the UK for the last three decades. Common forms of Dianella Caerulea and Lomandra can be found thoughout the UK.

Above: Is a common form of Dianella Caerulea.

UK Testing
Testing Ozbreed Landscape Gardening PlantsGraham Hutchins from County Park Nursery (pictured right) has been testing common Dianella Caerulea and Lomandras in London for over 20 years.

Now more beautiful forms are available, and these too have been undergoing testing in the UK.

In 2004, these landscape gardening plants moved beyond testing, and were sold to many wholesale nurseries across the United Kingdom and Europe. These nurseries have now been selling these plants to Landscapers, garden centres, shire councils, etc. Many large commercial projects have now been installed. Golf courses are now also discovering just how low maintenance these landscape gardening plants are.

In 2006 our propagators had larger numbers to sell. Now in 2008, these Dianella and Lomandra plants have made it into mainstream gardening. They have been used in many display gardens at Chelsea.

These landscape gardening plants are becoming popular in the UK, Ireland and Spain, and are well accepted in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Over the next few years we expect many other countires in Europe to find out how beautiful these Ozbreed landscape gardening plants are and how easy these plants are to maintain.

Binny PlantsBinny Plants
Binny Plants (pictured right) have tested Tanika and Tasred thoughout Scotland and are very happy with the performance of both of these varieties of landscape gardening plants.

Graham HutchinsCounty Park Nursery
Graham Hutchins (pictured below right) set up his nursery in 1955 and has been happy with the cold hardiness of these landscape gardening plants species for the last 2 decades.

Propagation Nurseries
Our three excellent propagation nurseries below are now producing large numbers of these landscape gardening plants for the UK.

Four Oaks Horticultural Show

Four Oaks is a commercial horticultural show. Pictured below and right are photos from the Four Oaks show.

The venue is a 23 acre nursery site in Cheshire UK, close to the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope. The exhibition covers an area of 13,000m² under glass with additional outdoor areas. Four Oaks is the UK's premier show for ornamental horticulture.

Pictured below is a display of Ozbreed landscape gardening plants.

Ozbreed Landscape Gardening Plants

Pictured below is Lomandra Tanika on display at Four Oaks.

Lomandra Tanika

Model Nursery Liners
At the Four Oaks show Model Nursery Liners put on an impressive display. Tanika and Tasred where a feature from the Model Nursery Liners display.

Lomandra Tanika & Dianella Tasred

Pictured below was this impressive display of Lomandra Tanika as used in a garden display.

Lomandra Tanika

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