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Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.

Little Jess - Dianella Caerulea 'DCMP01' CPVR

Low Maintenance, Short Canes

Dianella caerulea is known as one of the most drought tolerant, hardy flax lilies.

Underground rhizomes allow it to survive in some colder regions, however it is a little slow to come out of winter dormancy in very cold regions. In cold areas Little Jess will brown off, and it will often perenialise. Little Jess is better suited to the South of England, in regions where winters are a little milder.

If you would like to try it in colder regions, we suggest planting it in a sheltered area. It makes a great plant in a Patio pot that can be overwintered in colder regions.

Low Maintenance
An estimated trimming once every 8 years, makes this one of the lowest maintenance plants there is in the UK.

'Little Jess' has very short compact canes which will not fall over like the common Dianella Caerulea, which genreally has long canes.

Dwarf & Compact
'Little Jess' only grows to 40cm which is about half the height of many forms of Dianella caerulea.

Little Jess is a great commercial and domestic plant.

Flowers Close Up
Little Jess's flowers form a stunning display. Click the flower image on the far right for an enlargement.

Masses of Flowers
Little Jess has an abundance of flowers.