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Strappy Leaf Plant Varieties

The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.

Little Rev - Dianella Revoluta 'DR5000' CPVR

First 'Blue Foliage Flax Lily' Ever

Landscapers Delight
Dianella 'Little Rev' is providing landscape architects & designers, councils & landscapers with a plant that has an excellent appearance and unique brilliant blue upright foliage.

This is a very hardy plant that will require little maintenance once established.

'Little Rev' will change the way we think of Dianella Revoluta forever.

For those unfamiliar with 'Little Rev' think of it as a compact dwarf 'blue' Phormium, but only tougher. Dianella's are Flaxes after all, as are Phormiums.

Cold Tolerance
Little Rev has good cold tolerance, performing well in the UK and generally remaining evergreen, with a blue colour.

Unique Foliage
Dianella 'Little Rev' with its unique upright foliage makes it the perfect plant for edge planting along paths, driveways and car parks.

Dianella 'Little Rev' has an average mature height of around 30cm.

This makes Little Rev ideal for Roadsides, median strips, roundabouts, car parks, golf courses and ornamental gardens throughout the UK.

Little Rev is also the perfect roadside plant with a beautiful blue-grey texture.