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The United Kingdom has become a warmer and drier region with hotter summers, yet this is coupled with wet, cold winters. These strappy leaf plants are now the choice plant for these conditions.


Stylidium graminifolium 'ST111' CPVR

Stylidium Tiny TrinaTiny Trina is a little tougher than Little Saphire, flowering a month later, with a deeper colour and finer textured foliage.

With it's greener leaf colour Tiny Trina is a distinctive landscape gardening plant, that contrasts nicely with Little Saphire's blue foliage. This is a shorter lived plant then others in the range, but Stylidiums often live for 2 or 3 years, depending where in the UK you are?

Stylidium Tiny Trina Description: A new form of the highly desirable trigger plant that has varying width leaf blades. Small tussock forming plant resembling a dense miniature grass. Bears stunning deep pink flowers that stand just above the foliage.

Uses: Gardens, borders and mass plantings. An excellent plant in lightly shaded areas. Suitable for grassy and flowering gardens.

Stylidium Tiny Trina Position: Tolerates a wide range of soils and withstands both dry and wet conditions. Frost, cold and drought tolerant. Prefers full sun to part shade.

Care: Use a slow release fertiliser. Trim old flower spikes after flowering.

Interesting facts: When the flower trigger is activated by an insect, it swings up and deposits pollen on the insects back.